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25th SEPTEMBER 2014 Sale Information

Dear Friends, You need to come back early from your holidays – you really mustn’t miss this sale.  And it’s  a big one. It’s on Thursday 25th September at 11am with viewing on the 24th from 1-7pm.   As usual there will be pictures on the blog (below the text) and new ones added constantly. […]


Bainbridge's World Record Chinese ceramic sold for £43,000,000!
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For over 30 years Bainbridges have held regular sales of antiques and general effects.

Bainbridges value at all levels using in-house and consultant valuers. Our highest prices at auction have all come to us via probate valuations and private clearances. That includes the £5,000 thimble we discovered during a probate valuation on the banks of Lake Como, and the record-breaking £43m Chinese vase sold in November 2010 (as shown in the video above)".

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