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7th AUGUST 2014 Sale Information

We do get the stangest ‘phone calls, but always following the sale where the rare wanted item has been sold.  So, this time, if you are out there and looking for two car doors from a 1970s classic Mercedes saloon, or a chrome grill, or a bonnet, or a new tyre or the fitments to […]


Bainbridge's World Record Chinese ceramic sold for £43,000,000!
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For over 30 years Bainbridges have held regular sales of antiques and general effects.

Bainbridges value at all levels using in-house and consultant valuers. Our highest prices at auction have all come to us via probate valuations and private clearances. That includes the £5,000 thimble we discovered during a probate valuation on the banks of Lake Como, and the record-breaking £43m Chinese vase sold in November 2010 (as shown in the video above)".

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